Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day Leftovers-- Funny e-mail from Ma

noreagaImage by rattlelibre via Flickr
My mom just sent me an e-mail titled "SP2" with this in the body....

Really! When did I ever watch "State Property 2" with you? My mind is a complete blank on this one.

I am cracking up right now. Mom, you did really watch State Property 2 with me! It was years ago, but it really happened. I was 19 at the time and had borrowed the movie from a friend from work, back when I was still a cashier at Whole Foods. It was summer-time and we were in the living room: I was on the love seat, snacking on some carrots, and you were reading a book on the couch, regularly raising your head from the novel to glance at the television screen and laugh.

We definitely didn't watch the whole film together, but I have a clear-as-day memory of my mom giggling during the Noreaga scene with Angie Martinez playing "Miss Tuesday Night."

PS-- check out the sweet mail tag drawing of Noreaga I found with the help of Zemanta. It's a beautiful piece, and it reminded me that I have a ton of street art photos to post from some of my recent walks through San Francisco. I think I will post those tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PPS-- Where is everyone? Has my readership been low lately due to all you college students cramming for your finals? I never studied much for finals myself, but I do remember being hopped up on caffeine from mainlining WaWa coffee all day and night, attempting to write entire term papers and theses, coherently, hours before they were due. Ah, those were the days! *rolls eyes* I am thinking of taking some classes at the Community College just for fun and out of general interest, plus it's a good way to meet people and network, but I am in no rush to go back to school-school. That nonsense gives me anxiety just thinking about it.

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Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

you lucky person.

I'm still in the phase of "school-school," aka "struggling with male deprivation parents, and stupid finals."