Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spotted in the Mission! Vintage, 70s chic

Spotted is the name of the San Francisco street style posts I'm doing for SF Indie Fashion, where I photograph sharply dressed folks I find on my pedestrian (on foot, not the other meaning) travels, and ask them a few questions about their signature style and favorite local independent designers.

I've kind of always wanted to do a segment like this here on The Tsaritsa Sez, as I see so many colorful and creative ensembles every time I hit the pavement, but I thought it would be too awkward and seem stalker-ish if I was taking photos of strangers to put on my personal site. With SF Indie Fashion, it's more legitimate. The first post went up yesterday. Check it out:


{Editor's note: I used a different photo for the post on the website. Don't forget to check that out!}

Spotted: Candace, seen at 16th and Valencia in the Mission wearing high-waisted bellbottom jeans, a green leather vintage jacket with fur collar and handmade jewelry made from her friend’s line, the indie Austin-based Sisters of the Black Moon.

When asked to describe her style, she said, “I kind of just threw this on… wanted something casual.” Her favorite store? Thrift Town.

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