Monday, January 23, 2012

Art and activism, and "Look, ma! My face is on a poster!"


Yup, that's my face on a poster. How did it get there? I turned up on the first page of an image search for "shaking fist" and received an email from Nathan, who was looking to create a poster to spread awareness of an upcoming event at Lesley University.


Any chance we could have permission to use your image of you 'shaking your fist' on a poster promoting an Artist & Activist conference at Lesley University? It would probably be altered to be high contrast or posterized with a Photoshop filter. Your image turned up on a google image search of "shaking fist."

The copy would read something like...
"Would you lift a finger to make the world a better place?"
"No, not that finger."
and then go on to ask people to click on "send" to forward information about the conference.

We want more people to attend this small event in two weeks and so I am proposing to raise the provocation level. It appears that activism itself needs to be activated, even at the epicenter of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Thank you for your consideration of this.


Of course you can use the image, I replied, so long as my blog was cited as the source of the photo.


It's a pretty nice feeling to get random requests like this. To me, it says that I'm doing something right with my methods of blogging. Just last week I made some quick money by inserting a link to an online college into an article I wrote four months ago on the topic of students, entrepreneurs, and freelancers benefiting from using social media.

I guess this is how some bloggers make their living, which is pretty sweet. I hope to continue getting offers for linking and requests to use my photos. Who knows, maybe I can start making bank from blogging? That is every blogger's wet dream, right? To get paid for what we love to do?

I'm not a fan of writing endorsements, unless I'm endorsing something that I truly believe in. Sales isn't exactly my passion, but if I have faith in something, or I absolutely can't get enough of something, then I will stand behind it and write an endorsement. Link dropping is a little different because while I am somewhat endorsing the service or product that is being linked-to, it isn't the focus of the post. And as in the case above, the link is dropped ex post facto.

That being said, I haven't been paid to say anything about this event, but I think that it sounds pretty interesting. If you're a fan of the arts, are socially active, and want to learn how we can use the arts to make our communities better for everyone, and if you live anywhere near Cambridge, Massachusetts you should check out the conference. Read the blurb below (sent to me by Nathan), and go to the Lesley University to find out more.

This is the second annual conference focused on how the arts are used as social action and as acts of courage and vision. This year’s conference will look at the concept of public, private and community space and how the arts can be used to transform public, private and community space into thought provoking catalysts to address a wide range of social, political, and psychological issues.

This conference will feature local, national and international artists, activists, educators, and mental health care professionals presenting the important work they are doing to bring about change and awareness. Speakers will address issues such as violence, healthcare disparities, and other social inequities, to promote civic engagement, advance the health of whole persons and whole communities, address the healing of trauma, and utilize the arts to educate, to examine our world, and to envision future possibilities.

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