Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmastime has come

Merry Christmas!

Thanks to Jorge for telling me about this video (posted below). The first Smashing Pumpkins song I ever owned was this holiday tune, "Christmastime," on a compilation cassette called A Very Special Christmas 3. My parents put it in my stocking in 1997. The compilation also features No Doubt covering a Vandals song, Natalie Merchant (probably the best track on the cassette), Patti Smith, and Salt N Pepa and Snoop Dogg's revision of "Santa Baby." The Smashing Pumpkins song isn't very good, but whatever. The video is hilarious.

Apparently, Billy Corgan wasn't too happy with whoever created the animation (I guess he thought it framed him poorly?) and took the video off youtube, but the cartoon still exists in the void that is Myspace.

My favorite parts of the video are: 1) the disappointed look the little girl gives when she receives a Zwan CD as a present, 2) the little boy waving the REM poster, 3) the Smashing Pumpkins posters in Billy's condo with the faces ripped out and the words "broken up" written over them, 4) the look of astonishment on Billy's face when he gets his aeroplane, 5) Billy's mullet and Charlie Brown tree.

 Hope you have a nice holiday!

Whoever shopped this image is a friggin genius. I laugh every time I see it.
Christmastime: Special Edition | Myspace Video

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