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Raccoon Remix by Grannell Knox [video review, kinda]

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"Raccoon Remix" is a 17-minute video by Grannell Knox.

Grannell Knox is someone I met on the internet.

A few weeks ago, he posted something online about looking for people to submit images of their desktop and/or toothbrush.

So I took a screen shot of my desktop on my work computer and sent it to him.

He, in return, sent me this video, as a submission to BE ABOUT IT.

Because think the project is awesome, and because I can't post videos in a printed medium, I will post the video here-- but you can still check out stills from Raccoon Remix in the PULL issue!

"Raccoon Remix" is a sort of psychedelic video collage composed of layers and layers of sounds and moving images, with added visual and audio effects furthering the disorienting and disturbing mood. There is a lot to take in while watching this video, but it's all part of the story.

You know how when you close your eyes it looks like you can see germs moving on the inside of your eyes lids? You see bright colors moving around real fast, and you know you're just seeing sunlight through your eyelids or whatever? Or how when you're trying to watch something on TV and talk on the phone and also try to hear what's going on in the other room? Parts of the video are like that.

I see faces.

I see computer screens.

I see Steve Roggenbuck walking through a field.

I see a trial in process in a court room.

I see really cute raccoons sticking their head out of a hole in the wall and lounging in a hammock.

I see Lil Wayne pressing his face against a microphone.

I see weed leaves: growing and burning.

I see the New York City subway system.

I hear classic hip-hop.

I hear talking heads talking.

I hear what sounds like a pop song being sung through a telephone.

I hear lots of voices.

Images from 24 hour cable news.




Human suffering.

A lone turkey strutting on a farm.

Animals being butchered.

Celebrities crying.

Beautiful colors.

Maybe it's best if you just watch for yourself.

Raccoon Remix from RaccoonsAreNotAfraidofPeople on Vimeo.
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